Handmade from wood, each light is meticulously crafted in our Victoria Studio. Made-to-Order lights are completely customizable, so you can create the atmosphere perfectly suited to your space.


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Chickadee Lamp
Chickadee Lamp Sale price$385.00 CAD
Finch PendantFinch Pendant
Finch Pendant Sale price$575.00 CAD
Flicker Sconce
Flicker Sconce Sale priceFrom $465.00 CAD
Grouse SconceGrouse Sconce
Grouse Sconce Sale price$485.00 CAD
Heron PendantHeron Pendant
Heron Pendant Sale price$455.00 CAD
Kestrel PendantKestrel Pendant
Kestrel Pendant Sale price$425.00 CAD
Kingfisher SconceKingfisher Sconce
Kingfisher Sconce Sale price$625.00 CAD
Loon PendantLoon Pendant
Loon Pendant Sale price$475.00 CAD
Magpie SconceMagpie Sconce
Magpie Sconce Sale price$375.00 CAD
Oystercatcher SconceOystercatcher Sconce
Oystercatcher Sconce Sale price$525.00 CAD
Petrel PendantPetrel Pendant
Petrel Pendant Sale price$525.00 CAD
Sandpiper Lamp - LargeSandpiper Lamp - Large
Sandpiper Lamp - Large Sale price$525.00 CAD
Sandpiper Lamp - Small
Sandpiper Lamp - Small Sale price$385.00 CAD
Sparrow Pendant
Sparrow Pendant Sale price$525.00 CAD
Starling PendantStarling Pendant
Starling Pendant Sale price$565.00 CAD
Warbler PendantWarbler Pendant
Warbler Pendant Sale price$495.00 CAD
Wren Pendant
Wren Pendant Sale price$455.00 CAD