Limited Collection

Our Limited Collection is made in small batches — from salvaged material or as prototypes for our Made-to-Order collection — so we can't guarantee that we can make them again exactly the same way. These one-of-a-kind pieces are ready to ship in under a week.


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Chickadee Lamp (Limited Arbutus)
Chickadee Lamp (Limited Arbutus) Sale price$345.00 CAD
Flicker Sconce (Limited Edition)
Flicker Sconce (Limited Edition) Sale price$425.00 CAD
Grouse Sconce (Limited Edition)Grouse Sconce (Limited Edition)
Grouse Sconce (Limited Edition) Sale price$425.00 CAD
Heron Pendant (Limited Olive)Heron Pendant (Limited Olive)
Heron Pendant (Limited Olive) Sale price$455.00 CAD
Kingfisher Sconce (Limited Edition)Kingfisher Sconce (Limited Edition)
Lark Lamp/Sconce (Limited Ambrosia Maple)Lark Lamp/Sconce (Limited Ambrosia Maple)
Loon Pendant (Limited Curly Maple)Loon Pendant (Limited Curly Maple)
Oystercatcher Sconce (Limited Spalted Birch)Oystercatcher Sconce (Limited Spalted Birch)
Sandpiper Lamp - Large (Limited Arbutus)Sandpiper Lamp - Large (Limited Arbutus)
Sandpiper Lamp - Small (Limited Elm)
Starling Pendant (Limited Yellow Cedar)Starling Pendant (Limited Yellow Cedar)
Warbler Pendant (Limited Big Leaf Maple)Warbler Pendant (Limited Big Leaf Maple)